Asphalt Industry has Lower Injury Rates

Results from NAPA’s recent safety benchmarking survey indicate that the asphalt pavement industry has an injury rate lower than the general highway construction industry average. Companies accounting for a third of the total tonnage of NAPA’s membership reported this information on their OSHA safety recordable injury rates.

For the survey, both highway construction activities and plant operational activities for the industry were combined to reflect an overall incidence rate of 2.9 recordable injuries per 100 full-time equivalent (FTE) workers. This rate is substantially lower than the Bureau of Labor Statistics incidence rate estimate of 4.4 injuries per 100 FTEs for general highway construction. The data and further analysis will be discussed at NAPA’s Health & Safety Committee meeting during NAPA’s Annual Meeting.

This type of information can be used to understand trends and eventually develop best practices associated with safer workplaces. All company-specific information remains confidential in the survey, and NAPA greatly appreciates the responses of those companies that participated. A formal report will be prepared and distributed throughout the industry.


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