NAPA and APA Publications

The latest publications from the National Asphalt Pavement Association and the Asphalt Pavement Alliance. Drivability, That’s Asphalt

This document highlights the top traits U.S. drivers want from roads. Click here to view the PDF. Ensuring DrivabilityThis brochure is a survey of pavement officials and the driving public. Click here to see the results. Transportation Infrastructure Funding ChallengesTransportation funding is key to a good road network, find out why driver support well-maintained roads. Click here to view the document.


 Unintended Consequences: A research synthesis examining reflective pavements. Click here to view the PDF. How to design a road to withstand time, traffic and taxpayers. Click here to view the graphic. Smooth pavements equal bigger savings.  Click here to view the graphic.

Getting Home To What Matters, that’s Drivability. Click here to view the PDF. Drivability won’t make your commute shorter, it just seems that way. Click here to view the PDF. If a car drives on the road and no one hears it, that’s drivability. Click here to view the PDF. 


Delivering the goods, that’s Drivability. Click here to view the PDF.


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