Warm Mix Asphalt and Recycled Materials

Green Publication Warm MixThere are good reasons for asphalt being the riding surface of 94 percent of the paved roads in the U.S. Asphalt is smooth, quiet, safe and durable. It is inredibly versatile and adaptable.It is the right choice.

Today’s asphalt pavement is designed and constructed to meet high expectations. In addition to a long performance life, it is expected to be built and maintained in an environmentally responsible manner. The terms “sustainable” and “livable” are commonly used to describe this approach. By this we mean, meeting our current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Asphalt has many sustainable or “green” attributes. But these attributes are important only if the performance is equal to or better than that of conventional hot mix asphalt (HMA). Two of the green approaches meeting the equal performance criteria are warm mix asphalt and using recycled materials.

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Warm Mix Asphalt and Recycled Materials

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