Training and Certification Programs

Several hot mix asphalt training courses are offered for contractor personnel, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet personnel, local agency personnel, or consultants who are involved in asphalt paving projects.  A summary of each course along with a registration link is available below.  The Technology Transfer Program at the Kentucky Transportation Center ( at UK administers these courses and handles scheduling, registration, fees, certificates, etc.  Questions about these programs should be directed to the Technology Transfer Program office at 800-432-0719.

The Superpave Asphalt Qualification Program operates under principles set forth by Kentucky specifications and federal mandates requiring that knowledgeable, well-trained employees be involved in paving operations.  These measures insure cost-effectiveness and quality workmanship. This training program reviews Kentucky procedures, familiarizes experienced technologists with important new practices, and provides an overview of information used on a daily basis in HMA testing. The Superpave Asphalt Qualification Program offers two different qualifications: Superpave Plant Technologist (SPT) and Superpave Mix Design Technologist (SMDT).


Superpave Plant Technologist (SPT)

This three-and-a-half day course prepares an individual to be qualified to perform daily inspection, process-control, and acceptance of verification testing as defined in the Kentucky Standard Specifications.

Click here for information on the Superpave Plant Technologist Course


Superpave Mix Design Technologist (SMDT)

After successfully qualifying as SPTs, individuals may take another three-and-a-half day course and be qualified as a SMDT. With this designation, an individual is qualified to perform, submit, adjust, or approve mix designs as defined in Kentucky Standard Specifications.

Click here for information on the Superpave Mix Design Technologist Course.

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