Jobs in the Asphalt Pavement Industry

We – the asphalt pavement industry – are leaders in the construction and maintenance of America’s road and highway transportation network. While asphalt pavements serve a national market, they are built by people who live and work in the areas that they serve. Asphalt jobs truly are Main Street jobs that cannot be outsourced overseas. Asphalt jobs are also green jobs; asphalt is America’s most reused and recycled material, and virtually every worker in the industry is involved in reuse and recycling in some way. The asphalt pavement industry is proud to support the people who rely on our country’s infrastructure as well as those who have made the industry a career choice. With one-third of our nation’s infrastructure in poor condition and construction unemployment at twice the national rate, there has been much debate about highway funding as a stimulus for job creation. Like all economic debates, this one involves many variables and dynamic assumptions that can make it difficult to accurately measure the true impacts. This paper breaks down the industry by the numbers, to show who we are and the important role workers in the asphalt and  contributing industries play in the lives of all Americans.

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