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Asphalt LEED Paper KY-1

Asphalt – Paving the Way to LEED Certification

Developers seeking LEED certification can achieve numerous credits by incorporating asphalt pavements into their building projects.  Under LEED’s various rating systems, asphalt pavements can contribute to credits in the Sustainable Sites, Materials and Resources, and Innovation in Design categories.  In particular, such pavements can help manage stormwater, reduce heat island effect, divert materials from landfills, and utilize recycled and/or regionally produced materials.  Projects can potentially earn additional credits by using asphalt with high recycled content or warm- mix asphalt.  The following discussion highlights the applicable credit areas where asphalt pavement is conducive to LEED certification.


Download: Asphalt – Paving the Way to LEED Certification

By Lauran M. Sturm, Stites & Harbison, PLLC

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