NAPA Meets With GOP Leader McConnell on Highway Funding

UnknownNAPA, along with members of the Highway Materials Group, met with incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), in his Capitol Hill office on Dec. 3 to discuss surface transportation infrastructure and the need to increase investment in the program before MAP-21 expires in May. The meeting was an opportunity for the highway materials construction industry to collectively urge McConnell to make America’s infrastructure a priority for the Senate’s agenda in the new year.

During the meeting, the senator stressed that he, his staff, and his colleagues on both sides of the aisle were acutely aware of the issue and that solutions were constantly being discussed, although not publicly. No commitment was made regarding when or how a new highway bill could be passed by Congress, but McConnell commented that infrastructure was perhaps the one issue that enjoys broad bipartisan support on Capitol Hill.

Each Highway Materials Group organization was represented by a Kentucky member, including NAPA members Blake Gilley of Mountain Co. and John Hay of Oldcastle Materials Co. Gilley who spoke for NAPA told the senator, “A dime, nickel, and three pennies [the $0.18 federal gas tax] … it’s not much for what we have for infrastructure in this country. It’s time to adjust this for the value we are receiving.”

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