Smoothness Matters

Asphalt Smoothness Matters Brochure

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Pavement smoothness is a significant determinant of vehicle fuel economy. The smoother the pavement, the lower a vehicle’s fuel consumption. Studies have shown that driving on a smooth road, as opposed to a rough road surface, can  improve a vehicles fuel economy by nearly 5 percent.

Not only do smoother pavements reduce fuel consumption, they also reduce vehicle operating costs and driver fatigue by minimizing tire bounce and load impacts. According to figures developed by The Road Information Program (TRIP), driving on rough roads costs our nation’s motorists $23 billion annually in extra vehicle operating costs.

Smoother pavements also last longer because trucks’ tires roll along the pavement instead of bouncing on bumps and such bouncing actually accelerates the rate of road deterioration. Studies show that improving pavement smoothness by 25 percent results in almost a 10 percent increase in pavement longevity. By lasting longer, smooth roads save taxpayers money while they also conserve precious natural resources. Please click here to read the Smoothness Matters brochure.

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