Top Traits U.S. Drivers Want From Roads

Top Traits U.S. Drivers Want From RoadsA new survey from the Asphalt Pavement Alliance finds U.S. drivers want to see greater investment in maintaining roads and a focus on ensuring a high level of drivability.

The national survey of 3,085 drivers and commercial truck drivers found that drivers prefer well-maintained, safe, and smooth roadways and they recognize that ensuring those qualities requires periodic maintenance and financial investment.

The survey comes as Congress faces reauthorization of U.S. transportation and infrastructure funding this fall and a looming revenue shortfall for the Federal Highway Trust Fund this summer.

“These results emphasize the need to increase investment in our nation’s aging infrastructure and to put a greater emphasis on ensuring a consistent level of drivability for road users,” said Mike Acott, President of the National Asphalt Pavement Association.

Peter Grass, President of the Asphalt Institute stated, “Asphalt pavements offer the affordability, ease of construction, ease of maintenance, and structural longevity necessary to meet public demands for smooth pavements with a high level of drivability.”

The survey was conducted by Edelman Berland. To download a copy of the info graphic highlighting the survey results, visit

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