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How To Design A Road To Last

How to design a road to withstand time, traffic and taxpayers.

 While You Were

Asphalt pavements are quick to construct, fast to repair, and easy to maintain. That’s why only asphalt pavements can the consistently high level of smoothness, drivability, and performance that the traveling public demands with a minimum of inconvenience.


Asphalt is the answer to building and maintaining smooth, good roads for safety. From technologies like open-graded asphalt pavements to natural attributes like strong gripping power and skid-resistance, asphalt provides drivers with an even, smooth surface that can keep them and their families safe.

 Road Age (Smoothness)

From their car to the pavement they drive on, drivers today value a smooth ride. And that begins with the roadway.

PAIKY 75th Anniversary Video

This video takes a look back at the 75 years of history of the Plantmix Asphalt Industry of Kentucky and the impact that the industry plays in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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 The Allen Company Paving US 60 Versailles Road in Woodford County, Kentucky

The Allen Company Paving Asphalt on US 60 Versailles Road, Woodford County, Kentucky. We hope you enjoy the video.

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 Antigo and Mago Construction Rebuild Bluegrass Parkway in Anderson County, Kentucky

The video was shot along the Bluegrass Parkway in Anderson County, Kentucky. The old concrete pavement was broken and seated by Antigo (Antigo, Wisconsin). The next step was to replace the pavement with smooth asphalt, this was performed by Mago Construction Company, LLC (Bardstown, Kentucky). This video was shot in three weeks apart; the first part was when the concrete was broken and the second part when the new asphalt pavement was laid. We hope you enjoy the video.

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 Resurfacing Interstate 64 in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky 

The Walker Company Resurfacing Interstate 64 in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky

The Walker Company resurfacing with WarmMix Evotherm on Interstate 64 just outside Mt. Sterling, KY.

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 Widening US27 in Lancaster, Kentucky

The Allen Company Widening US27 in Lancaster, Kentucky

The Allen Company based in Lexington, Kentucky put the final surface on US 27 in Lancaster, Kentucky. This smooth and quiet pavement will help the Lancaster community and the traveling public.

(Click here to watch a short movie)

 Resurfacing  Interstate 75 at Night

Eaton Asphalt Resurfacing Interstate 75 in Northern Kentucky

Did you know the asphalt industry can pave a road while you are sleeping? That’s right, this interstate was milled – the millings went back to the asphalt plant where they were ground up. This reduces the extraction of natural rock from the earth. The millings went back into the new asphalt mix and paved on the interstate. Recycling, just one of the many benefits of asphalt pavements.

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 Paving the Bluegrass

Mago Video
 Watch this short movie of Mago Construction paving the Bluegrass Parkway in Bardstown, KY.

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Paving in Kentucky

Hinkle Contracting
 Hinkle Contracting Company paves asphalt on US 27 in Harrison County, Kentucky.

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 Porous Asphalt Parking Lot Demonstration

Porous Pavement at KHP
 ATS Construction, a PAIKY member, gives a demonstration of the newly paved porous parking lot at the Kentucky Horse Park.

(Click here to see a short video demonstration)

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