Asphalt Pubs

Ensure Drivability

A survey of pavement officials and the driving public.

Transportation Funding Challenges

Drivers support funding for well-maintained roads

Warm Mix Asphalt and Recycled Materials

This publication highlights the warm mix asphalt recycled materials and how the asphalt industry is the leading pavement of choice for America.

Parking Lot Guide

A publication for owners architects and engineers who design and construct asphalt parking lots

News and Information

  • Scotty’s Contracting Completes Roundabout

    Bowling Green, KY – Mayor Bruce Wilkerson put a black helmet on his head this morning at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Bowling Green’s new roundabout.

    “I’m ready,” he said, after donning what could be construed as a crash helmet, apparently an inside joke. “Let’s cut this ribbon.”
    The roundabout –…

  • 10 Hot-Weather Safety Tips for Construction

    Keeping a crew safe on a jobsite presents unique challenges when the mercury creeps above 90 degrees. Heat stress is increasingly being recognized for contributing to the rapid onset of fatigue, distraction, inattention to details and other deficiencies.

    Rule No. 1 is to maintain proper hydration. This sounds logical, but…

  • U.S. Congress Passes $10.8B Highway Funding Bill

    The United States Congress has passed a $10.8B Highway funding bill to prevent a 28 percent cut in federal highway and mass transit aid at the height of the summer construction season.
    The Senate voted Thursday night for a House-passed measure to augment the federal Highway Trust Fund with in infusion…

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