Asphalt Pubs

Ensure Drivability

A survey of pavement officials and the driving public.

Transportation Funding Challenges

Drivers support funding for well-maintained roads

Warm Mix Asphalt and Recycled Materials

This publication highlights the warm mix asphalt recycled materials and how the asphalt industry is the leading pavement of choice for America.

Parking Lot Guide

A publication for owners architects and engineers who design and construct asphalt parking lots

News and Information

  • KYTCMotor Fuels Tax Rate to Decline by 4.3 Cents Per...

    Kentucky’s “gas tax” on sales of gasoline, diesel and ethanol motor fuels will drop by 4.3 cents per gallon on New Year’s Day, resulting in a loss to the Kentucky Road Fund of about $129 million on an annualized basis.

    The decrease reflects a drop in the calculated average wholesale…

  • Solar Powered Asphalt PavementsAdvancing Asphalt Roadways Into The Future

    Solar-powered, self-lighting roadways with induction lanes that charge electric cars as they drive. Asphalt pavement that stores solar energy, using it to melt ice when the temperature drops – or perhaps that energy can be used elsewhere to heat buildings. And if that’s not enough, how about harnessing the vibration…

  • Speed of ConstructionSpeed of Construction – An Asphalt Benefit

    Americans want well-maintained and functional roads, but they don’t want to waste time and money waiting in traffic for construction work to end. The ability to construct and maintain roads quickly gives asphalt pavements the drivability factor motorists need. Asphalt construction methods allow planners and managers to fix congestion hot…

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