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Workforce Development

4-Year Colleges and Universities

Kentucky’s colleges and universities offer many different paths for a career in construction. Whether you want to pursue a degree in construction or engineering, Kentucky Universities have a program for you. To find out more about specific programs offered at the University level, click on the links below. 




The Kentucky Highway Industries Scholarship Program is sponsored by three associations, Kentucky Association of Highway Contractors, Kentucky Crushed Stone Association and Plantmix Asphalt Industry of Kentucky. Kentucky Crushed Stone Association is the host association for administration of the scholarship program. Those eligible include students whose parent/grandparent/guardian or spouse is employed by any member company of the three associations, KAHC, KCSA, or PAIKY. The member company employee is also eligible to participate.


Kentucky Highway Industries (KHI) firmly believes that higher education is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways in which to invest in the future of our students and country. Based on that belief, KHI has instituted a scholarship program to offer monetary grants.

Our objective is to build on the scholarship program as part of this investment. Individual member companies of the association may contribute to the program and be recognized appropriately.


These grants are offered to anyone enrolled in a Kentucky Higher Education Institution, including public or private colleges and universities, and public or private vocational or technical schools regardless of field of study. (This includes pursuit of a CDL license and Diesel Mechanic training.)


Be on the lookout for application dates and deadlines!

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